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Check domain availability
Verify your domain availability through our intuitive AI based Domain Search tools
Find domain information
Use our WHOIS Information tool to uncover the registered owner, geographical location, IP address, creation date, and expiration date associated with a domain name.
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Utilize the latest AI model to generate unique domain names.
Every Domain Comes With...
Per ICANN's rules, all domain registrars must have a publicly available WHOIS database that lists the contact details for every registered domain name.
By parking your domain with our service, we'll create a simple placeholder website featuring your domain name, relevant content, and advertisements. Whenever someone enters your domain into their web browser, they'll be directed to this mini-site.
DNS Management
The Manage DNS page allows you to add, remove, and edit the DNS resource records linked to your domain.
Email Forwarding
Email forwarding is a feature that automatically redirects emails sent to one email address to a different email address. It is a valuable tool for individuals and businesses with domain names who prefer to use custom email addresses associated with their domains, without the need to manage separate email accounts for each domain.
Domain Forwarding
Domain forwarding allows you to automatically redirect visitors who enter your domain name in their browser to the web address of your choice.
Portfolio Management
Portfolios provide a versatile means of organizing domains, allowing you to create any number of portfolios and associate any quantity of domains with each one.
Sub-Account Tools
On the Manage DNS page, you have the capability to add, remove, and modify the DNS resource records linked to your domain.
Domain Defender Protection
Domain Defender is a complimentary offering that enhances the security measures for your account and safeguards your domain names against potential threats.
What services does webst.site offer?
webst.site provides domain search, domain generation, WHOIS search, and DNS search services to help you find and manage your online presence effortlessly.
How can I search for a domain name on webst.site?
Simply enter your desired keywords into our domain search tool, and it will display a list of available domains and related options.
What is a WHOIS search and how does it work?
A WHOIS search allows you to find information about the ownership, registration details, and contact information of a domain name by querying the global WHOIS database.
How do I generate a domain name on webst.site?
Use our domain generation tool by inputting relevant keywords or themes, and it will provide you with a list of creative and available domain name suggestions.
What is a DNS search?
A DNS search helps you look up Domain Name System records associated with a domain, including information like IP addresses, mail servers, and other DNS entries.
Is it free to use webst.site's tools?
Yes, our basic domain search, generation, WHOIS search, and DNS search tools are free to use.
How accurate are the domain availability results?
We strive to provide real-time accuracy in domain availability results, but it’s always good to double-check before making any final decisions or purchases.
Can I register a domain through webst.site?
While webst.site primarily provides search and information tools, we partner with various domain registrars where you can easily register the domains you find through our site.
What is the difference between WHOIS and DNS search?
A WHOIS search provides ownership and registration details of a domain, while a DNS search retrieves technical records related to the domain’s setup and configuration.
How often is your database updated?
Our database is updated in real-time to ensure you get the most current information available for domains and DNS records.
Do you offer any additional tools for domain management?
Currently, we focus on search and information tools, but we plan to expand our offerings to include more comprehensive domain management solutions in the future.
Can I search for domains in multiple languages?
Yes, our domain search tool supports multiple languages, allowing you to find domains in various linguistic and cultural contexts.
How do I get support if I encounter issues with webst.site?
You can contact our support team through the 'Contact Us' page on our website. We are here to help you with any questions or issues you may have.